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Our Services

At FairDealAssist we provide a wide range of consultancy services to assist applicants reviewing nursing home care options for themselves; their partners; their mothers and/or fathers; or elderly relatives/friends. Email Eamon today at to arrange a chat about your needs at a time that suits you.

Having had an initial conversation with the applicant and/or the applicant's family about how we can assist, we will request a written confirmation by the applicant or their family for the provision of services by FairDealAssist. 


Thereafter the following services will be provided by FairDealAssist :

​Initial Consultation / Meeting 

For Applicants and/or their loved ones, being proactive and well organised is the key to having a good Fair Deal experience. 

Our approach to assisting you in the Fair Deal process is to start with an initial consultation. This will give the Applicant a broad insight into the financial operation of, and the application process for, the Fair Deal scheme.  This can be held either by email, a face to face meeting, or via teleconference (or Skype).  In addition we will give a general briefing on the services FairDealAssist provides. 

Included also at this stage will be non-financial proactive advice on important issues such as:

  • Nursing Home selection.

  • The use of checklists in Nursing Home reviews

  • Making applications for nursing home care (including getting on waiting lists)

​Pre-Application Review - Request for detailed information:  

FairDealAssist will provide the applicant with a detailed request for information on the applicant’s:

(i) income and

(ii) assets.

This information will be examined by FairDealAssist to ensure that it is:


(i)   complete;

(ii)  has all necessary supporting documents and

(iii) indicates that it makes sense financially for the applicant to apply for the Fair        Deal scheme.

Clear evidence exists to show that in virtually all cases it makes financial sense for applicants to apply for the Fair Deal scheme. 

Results of consultation and financial information review

Based on the information provided, FairDealAssist will provide applicants with details of how the Fair Deal scheme will work in their circumstances.


This includes confirming how much the applicant will have to pay (if anything) depending on their income and asset position.

We advise:

(i) the amount that their Nursing Home will cost weekly

(ii) the amount the applicant will be required to pay weekly from their own income as their 'income contribution'.

(iii) the additional amount (if any) that will be required to be paid monthly to the  Nursing Home or that can alternatively be funded through the use of the HSE's Nursing Home Loan scheme (which can be applied for if you own property in Ireland)


This will also include the provision of a detailed timeline for all aspects of the application for the Fair Deal scheme.

Resident & Nurse Outside.jpg

Financial Assessment Forms - preparation and submission

We will compile all information required for the Financial Assessment (including supporting evidence and documents) and complete all forms required on your behalf including:

  • The preparation of a full schedule of income including private pension income, investment income, commission income, interest income, dividend income and state pension income.

  • The preparation of a schedule of cash and other assets; gathering all required support documents, valuations, statements etc

  • Fair Deal form completion and submission: We offer a service to complete, on your behalf, the Fair Deal Application Form.  Form completion is key as if there are either errors or omissions on the form, it can result in the approval being delayed.

  • Monitoring the Care Needs Assessment application: We monitor the care needs assessment application with the Applicant as this needs to operate in tandem with the Financial Assessment preparation. In addition we will, as needed, provide an interface for you and your family with the HSE ensuring you get clear and unequivocal answers to any of your queries and/or requests for clarifications.

  • Application for the Nursing Home Loan (or Ancillary State Support - Optional): The Nursing Home Loan (Ancillary State Support) is an additional support designed to ensure that people do not have to sell assets such as their home during their lifetime in order to meet their care costs. ​The portion of the cost covered by the HSE is called ‘State Support’.  If the individual wishes to defer the payment of their assessed portion of the cost they can do so by applying for Ancillary State Support.

  • We monitor correspondence to ensure the applicant receives the Letter of Approval from the HSE.

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